Builds Team Identity And Sees Employee Engagement Soar
Tameeka joined a B2B business as a manager running one of several teams in her department.

The problem Tameeka faced was wanting to give her team an identity they could be proud of.

As part of this identity, She wanted her team to have their own uniqueness.

Up to this point, Tameeka's team was referred to as "Team T".

She felt uneasy and it didn't sit well with her to not have a brand or an identity beyond "Team T".

The term "Team T" was given to her.

She wanted her team to participate and define their identity together.

Tameeka had a vision for a brand they could all be proud of and represented everyone on the team.

The name "Team T" wasn't going to do it, it had to go.

Tameeka turned to the B2B Leaders Academy for help solving
this problem.

What she got was step-by-step instructions on how to build a
team identity.

"The content is very approachable and laid out where you just follow the steps and get results" according to Tameeka.

In addition to the step-by-step instructions Tameeka followed, she also experienced a supportive community with lots of other leaders.

Tameeka bounced ideas off these other leaders, got their input on her challenges, and was able to walk away with actionable steps to take.

With the community's support, Tameeka feels at ease with whatever leadership challenge she is facing.

No matter how small or large the challenge may be.

To begin building her team identity, Tameeka ran a series of workshops outlined in the B2B Leaders Academy training.

They thought about the words that best describe who they are and who they want to be as a team.

One team member even took some ideas home and asked her daughter for input.

The daughter came up with a suggestion that the team really liked and this helped get them closer to the brand they would choose.

The team is now known as "The Notorious VFG".

They wanted notoriety in the company for how they contributed.

The way they contribute is through value and focus, and they have come together as a group.

Despite going through countless iterations, they all came together and agreed on this as their team identity.

The team members now view themselves and their work in a much more empowering way.

They are members of the Notorious VFG and they know they have to live up to a high standard.

The best part is, they are excited to be part of something unique that doesn't exist anywhere else in their company.

This team came together during the global pandemic so most of them have not met in person.

They have developed a strong bond in a remote world because they are all members of the Notorious VFG.

Through everything, Tameeka saw more engagement from her team than she thought she would at the beginning.

The team took it seriously and was committed to the process.

Now that they have their team identity, Tameeka feels incredibly proud to be the manager of the Notorious VFG!

When Tameeka sets up meetings with another team, she put the Notorious VFG in the title of the meeting.

This way they are branding themselves, building their reputation, and they're all going to live up to being a member of the Notorious VFG!

Tameeka is an Elite Leader.

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