The Secret of Coming Out on Top
Lies In the Middle
Discover why your future success depends on unlocking the potential of your middle managers
Work, the workforce, and the workplace are undergoing seismic changes.
Companies around the globe struggle to cope.

If change is the new constant, adaptability is the new currency.

And to adapt (and thrive) in this Brave New World, you need to do ONE thing.

You need to rethink and reinvigorate the role of your middle managers.
The Magic is in the Middle
That's because your middle managers are situated at the epicenter of all the challenges in the workplace.

It is your middle manager who provides the essential link between front-line execution and senior management strategy.

It is your middle manager who holds everything together, clarifies goals, resolves conflicts, develops team members' skills, offers constructive feedback, and helps individuals find meaning and purpose in the work they do.

And most importantly, it is your middle manager who drives your company's financial success. In fact, a recent McKinsey study shows that strong middle management can improve your financial outcomes 3-fold.

For too long, the middle manager has been viewed as an unimportant bureaucratic paper-pusher, whose well-being and development are a mere afterthought.
It's time to change all of that.

It's time to reinvent their role (and their reputation).

It's time to tap into the magic in the middle.

Let's dig deeper to explore why reinventing the middle is your greatest opportunity...
Chaos is the New Constant
Over the last 20 years, a tsunami of change has washed over the world of work dismantling and disrupting businesses beyond recognition.

The changes have been fast and furious...

The tech boom of the 90s

The financial crisis of 2008

The pandemic of 2020

Remote work

The emergence of the gig economy



Change after change after change—at warp speed.

And they are still coming...

The shifting sands have thrown a minefield of challenges our way.

We constantly play a game of catch-up in a complex global environment filled with industry-transforming start-ups.

We struggle to turn our company visions into reality.

Decision-making time has shrunk from weeks to minutes as the flood of data, delivered to us in nanoseconds, requires immediate attention.

Worst of all, our employees are adrift. They feel unrecognized and unchallenged, unable to find meaning in their work.

It's hardly surprising that a recent Gallup poll shows that the majority of employees are either quitting or thinking about quitting.
Companies Are at A Breaking Point
It's time to reimagine a new way forward.

But HOW do we do that?

How can your company thrive in the midst of the chaos?

How can you leverage all the changes to create a successful future?

The answer is simple, if surprising.
To Succeed In A Sea Of Change,
You Need to Focus on The Middle
Just as your body doesn't run well when your core is weak, your organization's health is dependent on a strong middle.

Sandwiched between upper management and frontline employees, your middle managers are in the ideal place to lead your business forward.

They connect the dots between the vision at the top and its execution at the bottom, translating high-level strategies into real-time sales.

No other group is more valuable... or more critical to your success.

Here are 3 facts that underline this point:

Fact One: More than 90% of US employees report to a middle manager.

Fact Two: Managers are the single most important factor in whether an employee is satisfied or performs well.

Fact Three: Companies who fully leverage the potential of their middle managers deliver 3 times greater returns to shareholders (McKinsey Study)

In other words, strong middle management isn't a "nice to have," it's a business imperative.
The Gap Between the (Future) Potential and the (Current) Plight of The Middle Manager
Unleashing the potential of your middle management represents a huge opportunity.

A good manager will improve productivity, motivate teams, boost employee retention, and instill a shared sense of purpose and identity.

However, the current PLIGHT of most middle managers is another story.

As organizations become flatter, faster, and leaner, managers have more responsibilities than ever.

Pulled in all directions, they careen from crisis to crisis.

According to recent research, middle management has disintegrated into a "catch-all" position where the focus is lower-value administrative tasks while less than 25% of their time is devoted to leading teams and empowering people.

Even worse, a middle manager needs to be both a leader (to their team) and a subordinate (to senior management). To effectively do their job, therefore, the middle manager must be constantly switching between two contradictory skill sets.

Is it any wonder that this is the group most likely to suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression with nearly half of them reporting they suffer from burnout?

Across countless industries, middle management feels underutilized, unappreciated, and unempowered.
Adding insult to injury, too many people view the middle manager as a "clay layer" that clogs progress down, pushes paper, and enforces bureaucratic rules.
Pop culture–like Office Space and Dilbert– pokes fun at them.

Some top executives even argue that middle management is an unnecessary expense whose roles can be easily filled by AI and automation, letting go of entire swathes of middle management in order to save costs.

But in fact, middle managers are not bureaucratic baggage to be discarded.

They should be seen as force multipliers, working with individuals and teams to remove roadblocks, transform ideas into reality, enhance productivity, and boost organizational performance.
It's Time to Move Mountains
There is little doubt that tapping into the potential of your middle management is a massive opportunity.

Strong managers can revolutionize the way employees work and perform.

But to step onto center stage, middle managers need a whole set of skills that will allow them to be better leaders of themselves, their teams, and their performance.

They need to learn how to:

Master their time

Understand and control their emotions

Be confident in any situation

Clarify goals

Resolve conflicts

Provide feedback

Craft a strong team identity

Become expert communicators

Express their strengths as well as the value of their team

Use metrics intelligently

Until now there has been little to no formal training that teaches any of this.

A lot of times managers are expected to learn by 'osmosis'.

Or when training does exist, it is theory-based, with scant on-the-job application.

Until now...
Introducing The World's First
12-Week Leadership MBA
The Leadership MBA is a 12-week comprehensive program that gives managers all the practical tools they need to become true leaders.

The product of more than a decade of leadership coaching, the Leadership MBA is a one-of-a-kind curriculum that is redefining the face of leadership training.

In 3 short months, participants will learn how to manage their time, be confident in any situation, lead and inspire their teams, create unstoppable presentations, and master metrics to enhance performance.

This program focuses on the practical implementation of leadership, rather than theory. Participants will access a proven and powerful toolkit that will deliver immediate and long-lasting results.

Recent studies in the neuroscience of learning reveal that the distance between when a skill is learned and when it is applied greatly influences whether or not a student will put that skill into practice.

That is why we have designed the Leadership MBA to put what we teach into practice immediately.

This is what gives our program its power.

And why it works so well.
About Nils Vinje
Hi, I'm Nils Vinje, the creator of the Leadership MBA program.

A professionally trained leadership coach with an MBA in Management and Organizational Behavior, I have experienced first-hand the challenges and frustrations of being a middle manager.

After bouncing around from one unsatisfactory job to the next, I developed my signature Leadership method so I could apply it to my own career.

Success was immediate.

I went from being an individual contributor to a Vice President in a record 2.5 years.

For the past 15 years, I used my leadership playbook to help hundreds of managers working in companies like Oracle and Apple.

I have also shared my proprietary process in my best-selling book: 30-Day Leadership Playbook-Your Guide to Becoming the Leader You Have Always Wanted to Be.

The Leadership MBA program was born out of the desire to help even more companies benefit from the power of their middle management via a streamlined program that delivers real results in 12 short weeks.
What's Inside the Leadership MBA Program?
Each class focuses on practical, actionable tools.

The trainings are highly interactive, complete with Q&As, exercises, and assignments for the next class to ensure students can immediately put into practice what they have learned.

Designed for busy people, the Leadership MBA is divided into digestible, easy-to-implement lessons which can fit into the most hectic of schedules.

The Leadership MBA program is built around 4 pillars:
  • Personal Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Communication Leadership
  • Performance Metrics Leadership
In the Personal Leadership training, participants will learn how to:
  • Identity and claim your strengths...
  • Master your time...
  • Develop rock-solid systems and routines...
  • Manage your inbox and calendar...
  • Leverage emotional intelligence to handle difficult situations...
In the Team Leadership section, students will discover how to:
  • Establish a winning team identity...
  • Set expectations clearly and confidently...
  • Deepen your listening skills...
  • Give effective feedback...
  • Handle difficult conversations...
  • Delegate with ease...
Inside the Communication Leadership module, participants are taught how to:
  • Communicate your value and your team's value across the organization...
  • Create unstoppable presentations...
  • Market your leadership throughout the organization...
  • Handle difficult conversations...
The Performance Metrics Leadership pillar explains how to:
  • Measure anything...
  • Use metrics to set targets and drive accountability...
  • Define your quarterly operational goals...
  • Avoid the 5 most common metrics mistakes...
  • Communicate the right metrics at the right time to the right audience...
Download The Leadership MBA Program Guide
Here's What Others Have To Say...
Nils, I am so incredibly grateful to have encountered you and had the opportunity to join this program. It was so much of what I needed, at the right time, that I didn't know how to ask for.

The guidance and structure of the content and resources, the real-life stories contained, how immediately applicable so much of it is but that it also forms a toolkit I know I'll reference for my career.

How you maintained structure in the delivery but it was so personable and participatory.

How from the very beginning you helped shift my perspective and how I felt by thinking about what positive changes this work would represent for me.

This program has enabled me to be a much more intentional leader - intentional with my time, my team, and a better coach and mentor.

It's 100% worth the time and investment - It's easy to put to practice and allows you to implement a little at a time.

Chief Customer Officer
Going into the program, there were aspects of my leadership I felt very good about, things that had maybe come naturally.

The program defined those things and gave me a structure to keep doing them. In that way, it was very validating.

There were also aspects of my leadership I knew I needed help with but didn't know how to tackle.

Again, now I have a structure to build my own plans on. Now I know how to talk about my work in an interview, to a new boss, an existing boss, a board.



Nils has provided me with the critical skills that have enabled me to recruit, lead, and grow world-class leaders as well as drive significant transformational change.

Catherine Blackmore
GVP SaaS Customer Success at Oracle

Nils helped me discover solutions that were perfectly aligned with my strengths. I feel empowered to take on any challenge as a result of the strategies and techniques I learned working with Nils.
Michael Fulvio
Manager, Account Management at Curalate
Recently, I was promoted! The great work I did, thanks to Nils' expert coaching, enabled me to be recognized for excelling in my role above and beyond what was required. I'm thrilled with the end result.
Aurélie Deger
Sr. Customer Success Executive at Zendesk

What sets Nils apart is his ability to help you discover the answers to your most pressing questions through frameworks and expert coaching.

I am a more confident and effective leader in my organization as a result of my experience with Nils' coaching.

Adam Mackie
Director of Account Management at G5
Before I started coaching with Nils, I felt overwhelmed and scattered. There were so many projects and potential things I could do that I didn't know where to focus my time and energy.

A few short months later, I feel organized, refreshed and excited for the future. I can honestly say that I have become a better leader and now have the tools to boost my entire team.

Natalie Onions
Director of Customers at
Nils' ability to help me discover the underlying issues and challenges is what sets him apart from other coaches I've engaged in the past. Regardless of the situation, we get to the right answer for me and then Nils holds me accountable.

I feel more confident as a VP as a result of working with Nils.

Jason Lomax
VP Customer Success at Device 42
I was able to immediately use the exercises and it has already made a huge impact on my team and reputation at work.
This program could not have come at a better time. I have been struggling with a number of challenging things at work and I was feeling stuck.

There were so many valuable and simple things that you shared that helped me change my mindset and realize that I could make an impact on myself and my team and ultimately come out of this tough time more resilient and ready to keep going.

Vice President
I had looked into several leadership programs and books. I am confident that I made the right choice by selecting this program.

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing how others in the program have applied Nils' strategies right away and seen results on the live Q&A calls.

It's very motivating and I'm confident I will be using these strategies over the next 10 years.

Download The Leadership MBA Program Guide
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© 2023 B2B Leaders Academy. All Rights Reserved.
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