About Nils Vinje
I am the founder of the LeadershipMBA program.

I've been a leadership coach for over 11 years and have spent thousands of hours working with my clients.

After achieving great success helping clients one-on-one save time, get promoted, and inspire their team through the growth and development of leadership skills...

I created the LeadershipMBA.

Each cohort brings together a worldwide group of diverse leaders who advance their leadership careers and their lives.

But you know, things were not always that way...

Here's the Journey So Far
2000 - 2007
Bounced from job to job not knowing where I fit in the professional world.
I did everything from being a software engineer (which I was terrible at) to being a Xerox sales rep that went door to door selling copiers (I was terrible at this too).
Took a role as Customer Success Manager in downtown San Francisco for a B2B SaaS company.
This was the early days of SaaS and even earlier for the Customer Success movement that was about to take off.
Promoted from manager to Director to run a worldwide team.
Started the world's very first Customer Success consulting firm on January 1st.
Begin working with clients on projects and include my coaching services in these projects. Leadership coaching was always in the background of the projects, not the foreground.
The Global pandemic hits and I take the opportunity to do a complete reset.
I decide to make leadership skills and coaching the main focus of my business instead of consulting. 30 Day Leadership Playbook is conceived of, written, and published in 110 days earning the best-seller ranking in the first few days of publication.
The membership evolves to become the B2B Leaders Academy and grows to over 110+ members forming an inclusive worldwide community.
Special guest experts, workshops, and masterminds all become part of the program to add exponential value to members.
2007 - 2009
I continued working full-time for a tech startup and went to grad school at night to get an MBA in Management and Organizational Behavior.
I graduate with a 3.92 GPA which was the result of the alignment and passion I found for management and leadership. School never came easy for me until now. I finally got a glimpse into where I would fit in the professional world.
Became a certified leadership coach after going through a program with the Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP.
Begin coaching people in the evenings and on weekends. Discovered my passion and alignment with coaching. Get promoted to Manager for the first time in my career.
Became Vice President.
I spent the first 10+ years of my career as an individual contributor. Then, after investing in myself through an MBA and coaching certification, I went from an individual contributor to a Vice President in 2.5 years!
Ranked #1 presenter out of more than 200+ industry leaders at the Pulse Customer Success conference.
The CEO of the organizing company personally congratulated me for keeping 3,000 people on the edge of their seats for 45 minutes.
The first cohort of 30 Day Leadership Accelerator was completed with attendees getting results.
I transformed from selling the Accelerator as a course to selling it as a membership and started to build a community. The B2B Leadership Podcast starts.
2023 - Present
The LeadershipMBA is a live 12-week remote learning program for people who want to succeed in business. Each 90-minute class is specially designed to turn your leadership challenges into success.

The product of nearly 2 decades of leadership coaching Managers, Directors, and VPs at companies like Apple and Oracle, the Leadership MBA will show you exactly how to crack the leadership code through a proven step-by-step process.

Learn more about the LeadershipMBA and join us in the next cohort!

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© 2024 LeadershipMBA. All Rights Reserved.