Builds Confidence, Markets Leadership, Thrives In New Role
Meet Navin Manickchand, Implementation Conversion Manger at FIS Global.
Navin was thrust into a leadership position after he took over a team from a leader that abruptly resigned.
It was unplanned, but a great opportunity.
He was excited but knew he had to "lean right in" and learn exactly how to become an elite leader quickly.
By leaning on the structured pathway in the B2B Academy, he was able to dive deep into the kind of leader he knew he could be, and he began to ask deeper questions like:
What kind of leader do I want to be?
What do I want?
Where do I want my teams to go?
How do I approach situations?
He expanded on his own ideas and fleshed out the strategies he'd already been thinking about.
To do this, he created a 6-page Action Plan for the Senior Director he reported to — outlining the entire strategy and "plan of action" for all members on his team.
And the results were great!
First of all, his Senior Director was impressed (and a bit surprised!) with the level of detail Navin went into, and instantly aligned with the plan.
This feedback helped to reinforce all of the things Navin could do to drive the success of the team and build his own confidence as a new leader.
"My confidence level has gone up tremendously.
Initially, it was more of, 'Let's see what happens... I think I know what this is, I think I can do this.'
To now, 'What's the situation? I got it.'"
Navin is an Elite Leader.
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