Redesigns One-on-Ones, Builds Deeper Relationships With Employees
Meet Michael Ferreira, Project Manager at FIS Global.

Michael really wanted to empower his people.
When he was having his one-on-ones with his team, they were very quiet.
They weren't very motivated, and he found himself just telling them, "Hey, this is what's going on, here are your metrics."
But he didn't really get any engagement back from them.
It made him feel like he wasn't a good manager and like he didn't know what he was doing.
He felt out of the loop and like he wasn't part of the team.
He wanted to lead his team well, but he felt like he was only on the outside, looking in.
After going through the B2B Leaders Academy, he was able to follow specific guidelines and take action on what was most beneficial to him and his team.
He leaned on the community of Elite Leaders and brought some actual "real life" issues to the others in the program to get their feedback and apply it.
He changed the way he communicated with each team member, treating them as individuals and talking to them in a way they would understand, particularly if they were more introverted or extroverted.
He started finding out what each of them liked outside of work, asking about their interests and hobbies.
The conversations started shifting and lasting longer. He started getting better feedback, running effective one-on-ones, and building stronger relationships.
He stopped feeling like he was on the outside and shared his interests too.
Soon, the conversations with the team became more productive and two-sided.
Soon, the team told him what they liked about his management style and what could be improved.
He listened. He responded. And he adjusted his style accordingly.
And the best bit?
He now feels a part of the team too!
Michael is an Elite Leader.
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