Markets Leadership, Gets Voice Back, Builds Trust
Gary thought everyone knew what he and his team did inside his company.

He found out that wasn't the case.

Other leaders didn't understand what Gary's team did.

They didn't have visibility into the activities that he and his team were responsible for on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis.

This created uncertainty in his cross-functional peer's minds.

Nobody outside of Gary knew the benefits of his team and their involvement with customers and projects.

This made Gary feel dragged down.

It made it difficult for Gary to speak openly about thoughts and ideas regarding accounts and projects.

Gary felt like he wasn't being listened to by his peers.

Gary's peers didn't know how he and his team could help because they didn't know what they did.

Despite having a seat at the table, it felt to Gary like a muted seat because he wasn't being heard.

Gary turned to the B2B Leaders Academy for help solving this problem.

The B2B Leaders Academy provided Gary with the tools to confidently move forward.

Through the training provided, Gary realized there was a void in his peer's minds around what he and his team did.

In the absence of information, people will fill that void with negative thoughts and ideas.

This was the aha moment Gary needed.

If Gary's peers don't know what he does, they must be filling that void with the wrong things as opposed to the right things.

Gary changed his approach.

He made sure his peer leaders had the information to fill the void with the right information.

The company was rolling out new segmentation models in Gary's region.

Gary created assets detailing what they do today and what they would do with the new segmentation model.

He created a detailed communication plan including all of the messaging needed for the rollout.

This way, there was nothing unknown.

When Gary shared this plan with his peers, they understood and were able to give constructive feedback.

Gary feels like he has the right voice again.

He is now speaking up in the meetings where he previously felt like he didn't have a voice and it's being well received by his peers.

Even though Gary and his team knew they were doing the right things all along, nobody else did.

Now, Gary is not allowing any voids to be created in anyone's mind about what he and his team do.

He's filling those voids with the right information.

Gary is effectively marketing his leadership.

Gary is an Elite Leader.

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