Bulletproofs Leadership Psychology, Transforms From Good To Great
Gary felt like he had done all the work to be an effective leader.

He had his leadership style and completed an MBA.

He was doing well but there was something that was missing.

Things were good and sometimes great but Gary never looked at how they could be better.

Gary had already taken the Gallup Strengthsfinder assessment.

But, he didn't do anything with the results.

Following the steps in the B2B Leaders Academy, Gary took the assessment again.

This time, he followed the analysis steps which outlined how to use the results.

After completing the exercises, he saw his strengths in a completely different way.

Gary now looks at his work and the work of his team through the lens of strengths.

He took something that he knew already and was in a "good" state and made it great.

Gary would regularly sit in front of his computer on remote calls over Zoom all day.

There were days when he sat in his chair, at his desk for 10 or more hours straight!

Trying to keep energy levels up throughout the day was a challenge for Gary.

Something in his daily routine had to change.

The B2B Leaders Academy provides a personal accountability system.

Gary adapted this system to meet his needs.

He combined it with another tool around building micro-habits.

Gary decided to do something physical at the start of each meeting to ensure he showed up with energy.

Before each meeting starts, Gary now does 10 pushups.

10 Pushups are all it takes for Gary to get into a peak state right at the start of each meeting.

He might show up 30 seconds late with a red face but he always gets his pushups in.

Some days, he does over 100 pushups!

Gary's daily routine and energy level are a big part of his leadership psychology.

This is one example of how Gary took his leadership psychology from good to great.

Getting fitter and always having a good opening line is a nice bonus as well!

Gary is an Elite Leader.

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