Gets Promoted To Director After Using This Rarely Used Leadership Skill
Elise was a manager in a B2B business who had a mix of junior and senior people on her team.

Over several years, she had grown very comfortable coaching junior team members.

She had no problem coaching them through escalations and difficult situations with clients.

The real challenge was she did not feel comfortable coaching the more senior members of her team.

The reason was the senior team members had more work experience than Elise.

She was at a loss for how to coach them, challenge them, and encourage them to be strategic.

There was a big difference between coaching junior and senior team members.

The senior team members needed more from Elise but she didn't know what to do.

Not knowing what to do took a toll on Elise's confidence.

It left her feeling insecure and inadequate as a manager.

The hardest part was in 1:1's where a senior team member would present an issue.

The only thing Elise could do at the time was to give them an answer.

She knew right away that what she gave them was not what they were looking for.

Elise didn't know how to coach them to arrive at their own solutions but still make sure they felt supported.

As a result, Elise received critical feedback but struggled with the senior team members.

Elise went through the Coaching skills training inside the B2B Leaders Academy.

Now, Elise had a step-by-step process to follow for every conversation.

She was able to completely change the questions she asked during 1:1's and in all engagements with her team.

She began to ask better questions and her team began to come up with better answers.

The conversations with her senior team members were now at a strategic level which is something she was not able to achieve before.

The most important shift came when Elise stopped giving them the easy way out by giving them the answer.

She now had the tools to push them to come up with their own answers by using her newfound coaching skills.

The fascinating thing that Elise noticed was that oftentimes, they got the same answer she would have given them.

But, they came up with the answers on their own.

The results were dramatic.

Elise gained confidence and now feels comfortable coaching her senior team members.

She also received unsolicited feedback from multiple team members who appreciated Elise's new approach.

They felt like Elise's change in approach was a big part of their personal growth.

Elise has been able to apply what she learned in the B2B Leaders Academy in difficult situations and gain a ton of confidence as a manager.

This set her up for her promotion to director and the next steps in her career!

When Elise was promoted to director, this was a big opportunity to challenge and broaden her skillset.

She went into the director position with increased confidence as a result of applying the coaching skills she learned in the B2B Leaders Academy.

Elise is an Elite Leader.

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