Markets Leadership, Builds Cross-Functional Relationships In Record Time
Chris created a brand new team.

He took the enablement and Learning and Development (L&D) functions out of individual departments and consolidated them into one team serving all departments.

This team would be responsible for delivering all of the training and enablement needs for all of the customer-facing teams which were about one-third of the company.

Nobody knew this team existed when it was created.

This was the first time there was one centralized team that was responsible for so many different roles.

Suddenly, Chris was in a position where he had to make a lot of new connections across the company.

There were 20+ product managers, a whole CIO organization, and many additional leaders around the globe.

At the time, none of them knew who Chris and his team were or what they did.

They were not thinking about Chris and his team as the go-to resource to get the changes they were making rolled out.

Chris needed to be the first name that came to their mind.

He wasn't sure how to do it.

This made him feel anxious.

Chris turned to the B2B Leaders Academy for help solving this problem.

The Marketing Your Leadership training gave Chris the perspective on how to approach the problem.

Chris already had built a framework to clearly articulate what he and his team did.

The training showed him what he really need to focus on was how he and his team could partner with the other leaders to help them achieve their goals.

If he knew what goals they were working towards, he could align his resources to help them get what they needed.

Chris put together a presentation focusing first on the framework.

This was the shortest part of the presentation.

The rest of the presentation was focused on how he and his team can help them.

For the product organization, they would be a conduit of information.

For the CIO organization, it was all about adoption.

Chris and his team went on a roadshow and joined every team meeting they could.

What Chris was really doing was asking them for help.

But, he didn't go in asking for help.

He first found out how he could help them.

From this point on, Chris and his team were the first name's in everyone's mind when changes were going to be made.

What Chris discovered after the Roadshow was that there were already so many meetings happening that he didn't even know existed.

Chris and his team weren't invited to these meetings because nobody knew what they did or how they could help.

They were immediately plugged into a whole world of structure that already existed which they didn't know about until now.

Chris and his team were able to attend those meetings, get the information they needed, provide feedback, and adjust those meetings to make sure there is enough time for enablement.

Now, Chris and his team are critical stakeholders in product and organizational change.

Chris is an Elite Leader.

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