Delivers Unstoppable Presentation, Gets Close To 100% Project Adoption
In Alana's leadership journey, she had been involved in many efficiency projects that required presenting a new or updated process to a large team.

These projects always required a lot of time and effort and while the presentation feedback Alana received was usually good, it was never outstanding.

Despite aligning with the right leaders and documenting a clear process, how Alana was communicating the change to the people affected wasn't memorable.

The most recent efficiency project Alana led required 100% adoption within her organization.

This was a big goal.

The problem Alana faced was how to make a presentation of this change unforgettable to drive the 100% adoption goal.

The daunting task of 100% adoption made Alana feel nervous.

In previous presentations, Alana had never gotten the result she wanted.

She knew the result she wanted to achieve but didn't know how to get there.

To solve this problem, Alana turned to the B2B Leaders Academy.

The B2B Leaders Academy provided Alana with a step-by-step presentation framework that is designed to engage an audience during a presentation.

In the training, Alana found examples of each element of an unstoppable presentation and was able to work side-by-side with the presentation she was building.

Once Alana was clear on the outcome she wanted for her presentation, knowing how to incorporate each element from the training became clear.

One of her favorite elements was how to engage the audience without them knowing what was going to happen next.

Alana knew exactly how they would react even before she ever gave her presentation.

This gave her a boost of confidence.

After the process launch, the project received close to the adoption rate goal of 100%.

When Alana asked for feedback on her presentation, one person commented that they were surprised it was a "presentation" because they felt like it was just a conversation about the topic.

This was a clear indication to Alana that this individual was deeply engaged throughout the entire presentation.

Ultimately, this was the outcome Alana was looking for.

Alana is an Elite Leader.

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