Stops Having All The Answers, Sees Team Take Ownership, Has More Strategic Conversations
Before moving into a manager role, Alana had developed a reputation as a high-performing individual achiever who had all the answers.

This reputation was a huge asset because people wanted Alana to be on their projects and it felt good to be a trustworthy subject matter expert.

When Alana moved into her first management position, she kept the same mindset of having all of the answers when her team had questions.

Initially, this worked and Alana was running a high-achieving team.

Over time, Alana realized that this approach was not empowering her team to be the best they could be.

When Alana had all the answers, she wasn't challenging her team to problem-solve or be resourceful.

Instead, she was creating bottlenecks because she was giving them all the answers all the time.

This made Alana feel stressed.

She felt like if she didn't come to them with all the answers, she was failing them as a leader.

Being constantly involved in her team's day-to-day problems and helping them work through everything led to a feeling of burnout.

Alana turned to the B2B Leaders Academy to solve this problem.

The B2B Leaders Academy provided Alana with the tools she needed to coach her team instead of providing them with all the answers.

Alana followed the Coaching training step-by-step which walked her through exactly how she could show up to her 1:1s or any conversation in a way that was more productive than showing up with the answers.

Alana leveraged the community and weekly small group leadership mastermind sessions to gain perspective and learn how other leaders outside of her company use coaching skills to engage their teams.

The single biggest shift came when Alana showed up to her 1:1s or any conversation with a coaching mindset instead of her previous mindset which was centered around having all the answers.

The coaching mindset was completely different than what Alana had been doing before.

This made Alana nervous.

She was skeptical about coming to a 1:1 with no answers and having it be a productive use of the valuable time that she and her team members spend together.

Alana overcame her skepticism, fully embraced the coaching mindset, and put her new coaching skills into action with her team.

Alana's team members are now the experts, not her.

Her team is no longer coming to her looking for answers but instead, they are looking to validate a solution they have already come up with or to brainstorm ideas and talk through a problem.

This has relieved a lot of pressure from Alana.

The conversations Alana is having with her team now are more strategic.

Alana now feels proud and excited about what she and her team can accomplish together.

Alana is an Elite Leader.

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