Goes Back To Basics, Overcomes Imposter Syndrome
Meet Adam Gilo, Support Escalation Manager at WalkMe.

Before Adam began his new role at WalkMe, he'd worked at another company for 6.5 years, managing a phone center of 100 employees throughout each shift.
As well as serving the customers, his job was to make sure that his team was being supported in a very intensive environment.
As part of this, he put himself in positions where he shielded his team from tough decisions being made by business executives — and took the brunt of it instead.
And despite arguing and trying to make smarter decisions to manage it... all that fight, all that daily strain, eventually made him leave the company.
But it made Adam question - Was I doing the right thing?
So when he joined WalkMe (his new employer), although he came with the intention of starting a clean slate, Adam was still questioning himself at the time.
"Am I making the right decision?" "Am I making the same mistakes that I did before?"
He did not want to reach the breaking point again and was paranoid that what happened at his previous workplace was something he did.
Plus, with a new role in a new industry (and managing a team who breathed this industry on a daily basis and who would come to him for answers), Adam was suffering from a bad case of imposter syndrome.
Every day was a relentless, stressful stream of thought patterns like, "Did I bite off more than I can chew?"
"Can I be that mentor for my team and actually help them power through to success?"
Since joining the B2B Leaders Academy program, Adam learned two invaluable things.

First of all, it brought him back to basics — and this reminded him that he DID know what he was doing.

Subconsciously, he was always looking for better ways to empower his team, get the job done, and see the bigger picture.
In fact, he'd always done it!

He was given extra tools to "top off" what he already practiced - and by sitting and talking with other leaders he was able to hear their stories and even offer suggestions to get past their own hurdles based on the experience he went through!

"One of the best things for me in the coaching sessions was to tell another leader, 'Try this'... and that person came back into the next week's session, saying, 'Oh my God, this conversation with my manager went so amazing.'"
Adam regained his confidence and was happy to be both a contributor and a participant in the B2B Leaders Academy.
Specifically, he rediscovered that in order to become a better manager and best support his team, he first had to take care of himself, focus on healthy habits (whether that's through eating, exercising, or avoiding being "cooped up" between four walls) to get himself in the right head space so he could step up and be there for his team.
Once he finished focusing on himself and got himself to where he needed to be, he then started focusing on frameworks and developing his team. (Because he had taken care of himself first, he was now actually able to really listen to them and not just focus on the things he needed to fix about himself.)

As a result, he got A LOT of recognition throughout the company.

In fact, during one of their company events (the office brought all the teams from around the world to Tel Aviv for a team bonding session), the Director asked everyone in the audience, which was over a hundred staff members, to raise their hands if Adam had helped them or influenced them in some way.

And almost unanimously, everyone raised their hands!

To add extra "sugar on top", after that session someone asked Adam, "What's your secret? What do I have to do to have this?"

And Adam's response?

"It's just a positive mindset. We all know that in an office environment, there's always going to be negativity.
But when you clear yourself of negativity and you focus on just thinking positively, about how you are going to deal with a situation,THAT is contagious.
Positivity is just as contagious as negativity. And that is something the B2B Leaders Academy really helped me with."

Adam is an Elite Leader.
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