Using the Truth To Inspire Trust in Leadership with Mark Stouse

Confidence and trust are at the heart of great leadership.
These two elements build great relationships with employees, employers, customers, partners, etc. whether the relationship is personal or professional in nature.
While we see countless examples in the media where confidence and trust have been broken, there is always an opportunity to do the right thing and lead in a way that builds confidence and trust.
In this episode of the B2B Leadership podcast, I spoke with Mark Stouse, Chairman and CEO at Proof Analytics.
Mark has experienced the world that is possible when confidence and trust are at the center and when they are not (you have to hear the backstory on this).
He and his team at Proof Analytics are champions of the truth with their clients, employees, and partners.
The level of trust built has earned them incredible customer renewal and expansion rates.
In this episode...
0:20 - Mark's background - Mark explains his role at Proof Analytics.
1:39 - Proof Analytics' target audience - Mark explains the type of marketing organizations he works with.
3:58 - First leadership position - Mark considers his journey to be a very long and winding road.
7:05 - Good and bad leadership - What has Mark learned from experiencing varying qualities of leadership?
13:50 Exiting politics and finding a new role - Mark had an epiphany and decided he wanted a career change.
17:23 - Proof Analytics' culture - What kind of people did Mark want to surround himself with?
22:07 - Managing customer and team expectations - As a CEO, how does Mark toe the line of keeping both sides happy?
30:36 - Actions speak louder than words - Mark asks potential customers specific questions before working with them.
39:48 - Mark's advice to himself - What advice would Mark give his younger self?


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