Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership with Cameron Marijosius Part 1

Discover the transformative power of emotional intelligence in leadership as Nils Vinje and Cameron Marijosius delved into the topic of emotional intelligence, a subject that has significantly impacted their leadership roles.
Discovering Emotional Intelligence
Cameron's journey began by encountering leaders who led with their hearts, while Nils found validation through a book called "Working with Emotional Intelligence." Both realized the significance of effectively working with others and the importance of bringing their authentic selves to their work.
Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
Cameron reflects on how emotional intelligence impacted her leadership role, highlighting the need to adapt communication styles based on insights from assessments like the Insights profile. Nils emphasizes the value of self-awareness and dispels common misconceptions about emotional intelligence.
The Five Pillars of Emotional Intelligence
Dive into the five pillars - self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Discover how understanding one's emotions and triggers, managing them, and developing empathy and social skills contribute to emotional intelligence.
The Importance of Self-Regulation and Self-Awareness
Cameron shares her valuable insights on triggers, reactionary behavior, and the power of pause. Explore the challenges of pausing and reflecting before responding, especially in stressful situations, and gain strategies for better self-regulation.
Personal Experiences with Emotional Intelligence
Cameron's personal experience at the city manager's office illustrates the significance of pausing and considering different perspectives before responding. Discover the power of the pause exercise and its impact on thoughtful communication.
Unlock Your Emotional Intelligence
Gain inspiration from Cameron and Nils' experiences, and embark on a path of personal and leadership growth. Join them on this insightful journey of self-discovery and develop your emotional intelligence skills.
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In this episode...
1:50 - Discovering emotional intelligence - Cameron talks about how she learned about emotional intelligence through her career.
6:00 - Impact of emotional intelligence - Cameron discusses the impact of emotional intelligence on her self-perception and leadership style, including feedback from her team and the need to adapt in different situations.
11:25 - Common misperceptions of emotional intelligence - What are some of the most common misperceptions around emotional intelligence?
15:35 - Five pillars of emotional intelligence - What are the five pillars of emotional intelligence?
16:05 - Self-awareness - How important is self-awareness in emotional intelligence?
19:43 - Reacting vs responding- Cameron explains the importance of pausing and choosing how to react in different situations.
22:52 - Heartbreaking experience - Cameron shares a personal example of a challenging situation that highlights the importance of self-regulation and emotional intelligence in leadership.
31:37 - Take a pause - How does pausing before responding in a conversation help in making better decisions and reducing defensive reactions?

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