The Power of Saying “Yes” and Taking More Risks as a Leader with David Tishgart

It's conceptually simple to say "yes" to opportunities but it's not necessarily easy.

For David Tishgart, VP of Marketing at, saying "yes" has led to opportunities he never could have imagined.

Each yes required a leap of faith but it has served him well.

Find out the power of saying yes and taking more risks as a leader in this episode of the B2B Leadership Podcast.

In this episode
0:24 - David's background - David explains his role at
1:30 - Simplified data analysis - David provides a use case example that focuses on.
4:32 - Horizontal marketing - What challenges happen as a result of being spread across a lot of different disciplines?
9:05 - First leadership position - David got his start over a decade ago at Dell.
13:42 - The risk-taking persona - How did David's willingness to take risks evolve with his leadership growth?
17:27 - A major transition - How did David adjust to the challenges of being in a wildly new leadership role?
23:18 - Taking a step back - How has narrowing focus down to very specific tasks benefited David?
32:56 - An open opportunity - David received a phone call while he was at Costco that led to some new opportunities.
38:57 - David's advice to himself - What advice would David give his younger self?

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