How to Integrate Inclusive Language into Your Leadership Role and Organization with Jackie Ferguson

Jackie Ferguson is one of those people that you hope to meet during your career. She is deeply passionate about her work, making a difference, helping leaders and companies create a more inclusive environment, and so much more...
In this episode of the B2B Leadership podcast, Jackie and I dug into how inclusive language plays a critical role in leadership.
I took away some incredible insights and I think you will too.
In this episode...

0:31 - What is The Diversity Movement? -
Jackie explains her role and mission at The Diversity Movement
1:25 - High-level view - In Jackie's experience, where do most organizations fall in terms of their diversity journey?
3:03 - Jackie's backstory - Jackie details the experiences that brought her to where she is today.
7:50 - The power of words - Jackie gives additional insight into how leaders can use communication to develop trust.
11:47 - Progress, not perfection - Should you explicitly tell your team that you're working on using more inclusive language?
16:29 - Inadvertent offensive language - How can leaders be more aware of the types of words they're using around different people?
22:49 - Ladies and Gentlemen - How should leaders approach using more inclusive language?
25:32 - Mr. and Mrs. - Jackie outlines the evolution of inclusive alternatives to use in place of commonly used colloquial phrases.
30:25 - Invisible illnesses - Jackie explains what this means and how to properly address specific situations.
33:29 - Normal person - What makes this phrase less inclusive than you might think, and what are better alternatives to use?
40:48 - Where to learn more - Jackie offers free resources and a place to connect with her.

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