How to Have Difficult Conversations as a Leader with Paul Piazza

We all have to face difficult conversations at one point or another, whether it's with a colleague, a friend, or a loved one.
But how do you approach these conversations without making things worse?
In this episode, Nils Vinje and Paul Piazza shared their tips on how to have difficult conversations like a pro.
First and foremost, it's important to be a coach who can kick someone into gear when they need it, but also praise them at the right times.
This is not an easy balance to achieve, but it's crucial in building trust and establishing a healthy coaching relationship.
But, how do you approach difficult conversations in a non-confrontational way?
Asking the right questions and digging around the topic can help approach it objectively and get to the root cause.
It's also important to detach oneself from the emotional factors that can make these conversations difficult and have a conversation about the emotional impact of the situation.
When having a difficult conversation, it's important to set a time and establish the desired outcome.
Listening and asking questions to understand the other person's perspective is also key.
Building trust in coaching and mentoring relationships can make these conversations easier to have.
There should also be a clear game plan with expectations and milestones for measurement.
Follow-through and being available for questions and open conversation is crucial.
Lastly, accountability is key in executing a plan after a difficult conversation.
Even if the plan is not executed perfectly, it's still important to hold individuals accountable for their commitments.
The plan should be a mutual, shared agreement between the coach and the individual, with flexibility and the ability to learn from adjustments.
In summary, having difficult conversations is a crucial part of building relationships and achieving growth, both personally and professionally.
With the right approach, these conversations can be handled like a pro.

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In this episode...
0:28 - Early ties at Gainsight - Paul shared how he met Nils.
2:37 - Importance of difficult conversations - How can difficult conversations lead to growth and realization?
4:00 - Listening and asking questions - Not having the answers is far more valuable than having the answers.
7:36 - Difficult conversations categories - What are some general categories of situations where a difficult conversation was warranted that leaders should be aware of and should be looking at?
9:20 - Emotional side of difficult conversations - Paul shared some advice for someone dealing with fear and hesitation in addressing a behavior they've observed, despite having other pressing matters.
13:06 - Surfacing up the why - The first step that a leader needs to go through in being able to get to the successful outcome that they ultimately want to achieve.
16:36 - Setting up the game plan - Paul shared the importance of outlining a game plan for a successful outcome in difficult conversations.
19:10 - Setting up milestones - How important is it to establish milestones for executing agreed-upon plans in difficult conversations?
24:07 - Learning from adjustments - Paul shared the benefits of being flexible and allowing people to try new things, even if they don't execute the plan perfectly.

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