How To Get Promoted From Director to VP—a Case Study with Christine Lavery

When I first met Christine Lavery, I knew she was driven and I was immediately impressed.

Over the next year and a half, we partnered together to build her CS organization and her leadership skills.

The culmination of everything was an increase of 8 points in GRR and a significant promotion from Director to VP.

As a leadership coach, the clients that engage, take action, and get results are what you live for.

Christine does all of that and then some.

It is no surprise why she is now VP of Customer Success at Typeform and excelling in her career.

In this episode...
0:30 - Christine's background - Christine explains her role today as well as in her previous organization before transitioning to Typeform.

3:29 - Fast-moving growth - What was going on inside of Christine's business that prompted a massive transformation?
5:17 - Working with Nils - Christine gives a rundown of the creation of her Customer Success Bootcamp.
7:56 - Guided workshops - How did Christine use frameworks in her workshop to guide the process?
12:38 - Beefed-up CSM presence - How many CSMs did Christine's organization grow to in a 15-month period?
13:43 - Managing fast growth - How did Christine manage such an exceptional level of growth in a short period?
18:36 - Expectation management - Every CS leader has eventually been asked a similar set of questions.
22:09 - Typeform opportunity - What pushed Christine to go to the next level in her career?
24:36 - Leadership coaching program - Christine shares key learnings she took away from the coaching program created by Nils.
32:10 - First-time VP - How did Christine feel about her new leadership role and how did she combat any feelings of imposter syndrome?
34:16 - Classifying and solving problems - How does Christine approach problems now versus how she did in the past?
38:07 - The mindset around problems - What does Christine think about problems, in general?
44:28 - B2B Leaders Academy - What can Christine share about the program based on her experience? #BeLikeChristine

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