How Do You Get Promoted To Manager Level?

Are you looking to take your career to the next level and become a manager?
It's important to remember that a promotion to a people leadership position should be made for the right reasons.
But if you're ready to take on the challenge, here are five things you can do to prepare for the transition:
Develop leadership skills: Before being promoted to a manager position, it's crucial to develop leadership skills.
This can be achieved through various means such as attending training or investing in a coaching program.
But if you're looking for a fast track to leadership, consider following the Elite Leader Roadmap, which is a set of leadership skills that have been boiled down from personal experience and coaching senior leaders and executives for a decade.
Build relationships: Relationships are crucial for success as a manager.
By building strong relationships with other leaders in the organization, you can position yourself as a top candidate for promotion.
It's essential to build real relationships based on mutual respect and trust.
Demonstrate initiative: As an individual contributor, it's easy to focus only on your own work.
But as a manager, you'll need to demonstrate initiative by taking on new responsibilities and showing that you can handle more significant challenges.
Expand knowledge: It's essential to expand your knowledge beyond just your product and company.
Look at the industry as a whole and where it's headed.
Attend conferences, read blogs, and consume news to gain a broader perspective of the market and industries you influence.
Seek feedback: Finally, seek feedback from others, but be specific in your requests.
Ask for feedback on a specific project or task to receive more actionable feedback that can help you learn and grow.
Preparing for a promotion to manager requires effort, but it's a rewarding experience that can take your career to new heights.
And if you're looking for more guidance on developing leadership skills, consider partnering with B2B Leaders Academy.
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In this episode...
1:39 - The most difficult shift - Why shifting from an IC role to a manager is one of the most difficult shifts?
5:06 - Importance of acquiring skills in advance - How acquiring the skills needed before getting into the next role can set you up for success?
8:25 - Five things to success - Nils shares the skillset that continues to be one of the most powerful and impactful tools in his leadership toolbox.
9:43 - Building relationships - Why is building relationships across the organization important to be recommended for a leadership position?
13:05 - Demonstrating initiative - There's no better way to prove that you are ready for the next role than by doing this.
16:55 - Expanding knowledge - How can this set you apart from others?
20:02 - Seeking feedback - How to ask for it in order to take actionable steps towards improvement.
22:29 - Summary of five things to get promoted to manager - Put these into action and it will help you prepare for your promotion to manager.

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