Developing Leadership Skills Outside of Traditional Leadership Roles with Ryan Browne

In this episode of the B2B Leadership podcast, best-selling author and leadership coach Nils Vinje speaks with Ryan Browne, Vice President of Customer Success at Kenect.
In this episode...
0:25 - Ryan's background - Ryan explains his role at Kenect.
3:03 - Tech and SaaS in Utah - How has technology evolved over the years in Utah?
4:40 - First leadership position - Ryan's opportunity began when his boss decided to resign and he was thrust into a leadership situation.
7:58 - Old vs new leadership mindset - How did Ryan's team react to his initial style of leadership?
10:00 - Understanding your role - What prompted Ryan to better develop his leadership skills?
14:44 - The emphasis on observation - What should you be paying attention to when you're learning leadership?
17:05 - Creating a safe environment - How does Ryan create a space where people have an opportunity to grow their skills?
24:17 - The classic statement - "People don't leave companies, they leave bosses." What does Ryan think of this?
25:19 - Continued growth - What does Ryan do to keep pushing himself as a leader?
28:51 - Major milestones - Was there a pivotal moment in Ryan's career that inspired him to invest more into leadership?
35:49 - Ryan's advice to himself - What advice would Ryan give his younger self?

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