Aligning Your Leadership Aspirations With the Right Organization with Melissa Benua

What you say as a leader may not be what is received by the person you are speaking to.
Sometimes, things said with good intentions can have negative consequences.
This is why communication skills and emotional intelligence need to be at the top of every leader's list.
In this episode, best-selling author and leadership coach Nils Vinje speaks with Melissa Benua, Senior Director of Engineering at mParticle.
Melissa went through a conversation with her boss early in her career that demotivated her despite the fact that what her boss said was intended as a compliment.
There are always two sides to every conversation and if you are a leader who only thinks about your side, you're going to run into trouble.
Tune in to this episode to find out how Melissa overcame this challenge with her manager and went on to become an amazing leader.
In this episode...
0:19 - Melissa's background - Melissa explains her role at mParticle.
1:17 - Solving specific problems - What does mParticle do better than anyone else?
2:44 - First leadership position - Melissa got her start at Microsoft.
6:17 - Sticking with your values - How did Melissa respond to demoralizing feedback from management?
9:43 - Company No. 2 - How did Melissa's leadership journey progress with a new company?
12:37 - Lack of alignment - Melissa gives an example of how her leadership ideas didn't match with the company she worked within.
17:19 - Reflecting on past experiences - Is there anything Melissa would have done differently in her previous roles?
21:44 - Working for mParticle - What was her first impression of joining mParticle compared to her previous companies?
27:34 - Setting expectations early on - How did setting early expectations positively impact Melissa's role within mParticle?
30:06 - Staying aligned with expectations - How was Melissa able to stay on the same page as her organization after returning from maternity leave?
34:56 - Melissa's advice to herself - What advice would Melissa give her younger self?


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