The ROI of Investing in Leadership Skills: A Case Study with Derek Squires

Are you taking charge of your career progression the way a CEO would lead a company?
Many professionals don't embrace this mindset and often find themselves feeling stuck, lost, or overwhelmed on how to advance in their careers.
Nils and Derek's conversation today reveals how embracing the "CEO of your career" mindset can skyrocket your career progression.
In this episode, Derek Squires discusses his transformational journey with the Leadership MBA program and how it has reshaped his approach to career progression and leadership.
Personal Leadership
Personal leadership is about taking responsibility for your growth and path in your career.
Think back to when you were in high school or college.
Sure, you had your career goals in mind, but were you proactive about them?
Most people follow the flow, letting their bosses or companies dictate their career paths.
But as both Derek and Nils discovered, true career progression begins when you take control, be proactive, and embrace the concept of being the CEO of your career.
The Leadership MBA Program
Derek's story brings to light how investing in the Leadership MBA program revolutionized his career trajectory.
The program is designed to equip professionals with essential leadership skills, frameworks, and tools.
These resources help leaders handle a wide range of challenges and opportunities that they encounter in their careers.
The Personal Investment Journey and ROI
Although the initial decision to invest in such a program might seem formidable, the returns are colossal.
For Derek, the rewards came in the form of clarity, empowerment, enhanced productivity, and confidence to handle any challenge that comes his way.
He equates the impact of investing in himself to hitting a 400% investment return in one year!
Real-Life Applications
Derek discussed one early application of his teachings, involving establishing a churn review process in his organization.
He immediately applied the framework lessons to this initiative, pulling together a plan efficiently and effectively.
The result?
Not only a time-saving tool but one that earned recognition and became a standard in the organization.
The "CEO of your career" mindset offers limitless potential.
Regardless of your vocation or sector, pledging to be proactive about your career growth will open world opportunities.
Nils' conversation with Derek encapsulates this perfectly.
It's all about investing in yourself, building the right frameworks, applying effort strategically, and enjoying measurable success.
As we dive into future challenges and upcoming roles, Derek's story is inspiring proof of how professionals can take charge of their career journeys.
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In this episode...
0:47 - Derek's Background
4:58 - The Need for a Leadership Framework
12:40 - The Impact of Improved Productivity
14:13 - Becoming the CEO of Your Career
19:54 - Taking Control of Your Career
21:52 - Power of Self-Investment
24:21 - ROI of Self-Investment
30:44 - The Continuous Journey of Self-Investment
35:55 - Embracing the CEO Mindset

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