The Engineer's Route to Leadership with Jerome Placido

If you are a leader and you are the center of your team, you're doing it wrong.

Many leaders think that this is the right place to be, after all I am the "leader" right?

The simple answer is no.

If it's your team, your ideas, your direction, it's a "you" show.

In this episode, best-selling author and leadership coach Nils Vinje speaks with Jerome Placido, Sr. Director of Engineering at Coursedog about how to take the emphasis off of you and put in on your team.

When you get this strategy right, the whole team dynamic changes.

In this episode...

0:19 - Jerome's background - Jerome explains his role at Coursedog.
2:07 - First leadership position - Jerome wasn't looking for leadership when the opportunity presented itself.
3:55 - Shifting career gears - What was Jerome's experience like pivoting his focus towards being a manager?
6:14 - Navigating the shift - How did Jerome navigate the transition from an engineer to a people leader?
8:44 - Managing your former peers - What advice would Jerome give to individuals who have to evolve relationships with the peers they now manage?
12:28 - Building Team Awesome - How does Jerome make his work environment a team effort that isn't about him?
15:18 - Engineer culture - Jerome explains how typical engineers work and how to include them in company culture.
17:45 - Measuring ROI - How does Jerome quantify ROI for tasks that aren't necessarily quantified?
22:25 - Creating an efficient team - Jerome explains why an organization should never rely on a leader to function.
28:16 - Color coding your calendar - How can you keep yourself up to date with company updates without filling up your entire calendar?
31:49 - Jerome's advice to himself - What advice would Jerome give his younger self?


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