Overcoming Presentation Anxiety with Nils Vinje

I learned a very powerful leadership lesson long before I became a people leader.
It was my senior year in college and I was ready to be done with school and start working in the professional world.
I already had a job lined up that I would start at the end of the summer so things were good.
However, I had to give a presentation in one of my classes that represented a big part of my final grade and that was a challenge.
It was a challenge because I was extremely nervous and anxious about presenting in front of the class.
I had done some presentations as part of projects in other classes but it wasn't something I was comfortable with.
I was mediocre at best on the outside.
But inside, I was a mess.
In the days and weeks leading up to the presentation, I scripted everything I was going to say and rehearsed it over and over again to get ready.
Despite all my practice, I was still terrified.
When it was my turn to present, there was one mindset shift I made that changed everything and allowed me to feel calm and confident.
Want to know what I did to overcome presentation anxiety?
Tune in to find out.
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