How To Tune Your Voice As a Leader with John Henny

One of your greatest leadership secrets has been with you for your entire life.
It was celebrated when you first started to use it and then it just became "normal"...
It is something you use each and every single day, but you probably don't think about it very much...
It is your VOICE!
In this episode, best-selling author and leadership coach Nils Vinje speaks with John Henny about how leaders can tap into the incredible potential they have in their voice.
John is an all-star vocal coach and has experience working with some of Hollywood's biggest stars.
Tune in to this episode to discover an entirely new side to your voice and how big of an impact your voice has in leadership.
In this episode...
1:59 - Tuning and using your voice - What role does your voice play in leadership and communication?
5:06 - Engaging tone of voice - What is it that makes pitch and range more engaging to listeners?
7:02 - Speaking with intention - John explains the different types of intentions and why intention is important.
9:17 - How to approach intention - Should intention be thought of as a whole or in segments?
14:28 - A voice with no tone - What are the ramifications of not paying attention to your voice?
16:24 - Vocal health awareness - Why is it that only a small percentage of the population understands tonality?
17:59 - Taking better care of your voice - John shares the common pitfalls of losing your voice.
22:57 - A healthy balance - How to balance taking care of your voice and having fun, without going overboard?
24:20 - A mature voice - What role does age play in your voice?
28:53 - Vocal coaching in groups - John details what it's like to get involved with a company or organization.
32:37 - Working with John - How to get in touch.


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