How Do You Get Promoted To Vice President Level?

On this episode, best-selling author and leadership coach Nils Vinje explains how you can get promoted to the VP level and the specific strategies, tricks and skill sets you'll need to focus on along the way.
In this episode...
0:47 - Quick testimonials - How have leaders benefitted from the B2B Leaders Academy?
2:02 - Hesitation and fear - Are you comparing yourself to other leaders?
6:22 - Build and demonstrate your expertise - What does this process look like?
8:36 - Demonstrating leadership skills - This is what the core of B2B Leaders Academy is all about.
9:23 - Communicate your goals and aspirations - If you want a promotion, you have to make it clear.
10:33 - Seek feedback and be open to criticism - We all have improvements to make.
14:23 - Time management - What systems can you implement as a VP to master your time?
20:27 - Skip levels - What does this mean, and why is it necessary to understand before landing a VP role?
22:14 - Leading with communication - How can you communicate your team's value outside of your team?
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