From Skeptic to Thriving Success Story - A B2B Leaders Academy Case Study with Jake Jorgovan

Jake Jorgovan, Founder and CEO of Content Allies faced a big challenge when it came to developing leaders in his organization.
He bought them books, gave them tips, spent time with them during 1:1s covering leadership topics. It was draining and not the highest and best use of their time together.
Jake knew something had to change but was skeptical about "leadership coaching" programs based on his past experiences.
He enrolled 4 team members into the B2B Leaders Academy and within a few short months those 4 people were all promoted!
On top of that awesome achievement, Jake was able to save time every week because he knew his leaders were getting the very best when it comes to leadership development.
Now when Jake meets with his team, the time spent is significantly more productive as the conversations are now at a strategic level.
Jake's leaders are building incredible leadership skills through the B2B Leaders Academy every month and this opens up a whole new set of topics to discuss with them that were never possible before.
Jake recognized that he did not have to be the one to do everything and that's when he went from a skeptic to a thriving success story with the B2B Leaders Academy.
In this episode...
0:29 - Jake's background - Jake explains his role at Content Allies.
1:55 Firsthand leadership experience - What problem is Jake looking to solve when it comes to leadership?
4:16 - Supporting growth with leadership - How did Jake leverage leadership resources like B2B Leaders Academy to scale?
5:54 - Addressing skepticism - why was Jake initially skeptical about joining the B2B Leaders Academy?
8:33 - "I don't have time for this" - How did Jake find the time to implement leadership coaching?
12:08 - Turnkey leadership process - How has B2B Leaders Academy helped Jake focus on other tasks?
14:29 - Proven results - How does Jake feel about his previous skepticism around leadership development?
17:38 - Overall business improvement - Jake explains how the A players on his team have really stepped up as leaders.
23:27 - Following the system for results - How does Jake feel about team members leveling up without his involvement?
28:33 - Advice for other CEOs - Jake shares advice for other CEOs who might also have some early skepticism about coaching programs.


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